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Formerley the "THUNDERDOGS" now called SIREN these 4 seasoned musicians have been blowing audiences away not only with their energetic shows but with the faithful reproduction of the songs they perform...

2009 was a fine year for rock on the Sunshine Coast ... “SIREN" was unleashed; these fun luvin Aussies produce music that is raw, infectious and full of essential rock spunk.  Their material is amazingly diverse - ranging from compulsive hard rock (AC/DC, Pat Benatar, Joan Jet) to saucy anthemic thrash (Nirvana, Green Day) to funky pseudo-mystical pop (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Pink, Lily Allen).

“SIREN” are a refreshing face on the covers scene.

Everyone talks about rock these days, the problem is, they forget about the roll, but not this Sunshine Coast four piece, Kylie Camilleri (vocals), Ken Emmington (guitar/backing vocals), Tony Camilleri (bass/backing vocals), Pete Schulz (drums), when “SIREN” roll audiences are invariably drawn in ... heads turn, feet tap, body’s sweat, endorphins flow ... before you know it you are totally absorbed and on the dance floor immersed in the music.  It is a reminder to forget your problems and celebrate the moment at hand; it’s a time when primal energy comes from the audience delivered by the music. The band brings with them an energy that comes from both experience and sheer oz-centricity, if anyone thought mainstream rock went out of style, apparently they failed to hear “SIREN".

"Ive heard a lot of bands and most dont do the songs they cover any justice!...These guys do!...SIREN emit an energy that comes from both experience and sheer Oz-centric bloody mindedness, I suggest you look them up for night of kick arse entertainment !"

Adam Truscott
A.K.A Ricky the Rockstar
(Sumeo Entertainment)

Where to from here?

Well SIREN have been gigging at all the Major Sunshine Coast Venues...O'Malleys, The Surf Club Mooloolaba, Palmwoods Hotel, Beerwah Hotel, Coolum Beach Hotel, Billies Hotel etc...the Band has an ever growing following of loyal fans that attend shows regularly being musically savvy they know what quality music is...we are branching out into Brisbane and Gold Coast Venues so if you want the best of the best in your venue give us a whistle to lock in gig dates, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and professionalism of SIREN.